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Season the inside and outside of the turkey with salt. This is SOOOOOO delicious! Any advice on a whole turkey? Can you use something different than white wine? It looks so tempting that i am going to try cooking it during the week . Step 2. I couldn’t really taste the sage – when you say 3 leaves, do you mean 3 of the individual tiny leaves? Much too long cook time. I’m a first time learning how to cook and how to eat real food in a healthy way person and this has changed my life! I would double the recipe. Looks so good! Not sure anything bigger would fit in my crockpot. It truly is the most moist turkey I have ever had. Great!!! I didn’t want to buy a whole turkey just for the tenderloins so I used Chicken breast and baked it for 20minutes at 180c. I put it all in the crock and rested the turkey on top. , Pingback: Slow cooker Turkey crown: 3sp – A Smartpoints Christmas. 4 (4 oz) turkey breast cutlets; 2 egg whites, beaten; 1/3 cup seasoned breadcrumbs; 2 tbsp Parmesan cheese; kosher salt and fresh pepper; 1 tbsp butter I’m so excited to make it for Friendsgiving! Looks great. I made this tonight and it was really delicious! Skinnytaste 4yr ago 72. Thank you. Pingback: Maria's Mixing Bowl | BUTTERNUT STUFFED TURKEY TENDERLOIN. Thanks for sharing! So I bought two, 2 lbs each. I use thin boneless pork chops but it's also great with chicken cutlets! I know I kind of changed the recipe a bit, but the stuffing is what makes this! Art4vr – I have to eat gluten-free, and for sauces and gravies, I usually just do a half/half mix of a starch (like cornstarch or arrowroot) to a half of gluten-free rice flour, in the same amount as the original recipe calls for. What size & shape slow cooker?? Thanks!!! Breaded Turkey Cutlets In Oven Recipe. All this for 1 Freestyle point!!! Italian Lemon chicken cutlets lightly battered in eggs and flour in a lemony, white wine sauce. I made this for Thanksgiving. Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. Thoughts on  how to convert this recipe for the same delicious gravy? "Dredge" turkey cutlets in the flour, making sure to coat both sides lightly. For those asking about making this with a BONELESS turkey breast. I know I will have a room full of full tummies. The skin didn’t brown as a typical turkey does but that’s ok – it’s better I don’t eat it. I doubled the filling recipe and used it to stuff a butterflied pork loin. This mild kid-friendly crockpot chili, courtesy of Skinnytaste, is made with lean ground turkey, corn, bell pepper, tomatoes and spices. It’s really hot here in Virginia right now, I have made this turkey breast several times this summer. Perfect way to satisfy a turkey craving and very easy for busy moms. Can I use the Jenni o precooked turkey breast? Costco sells a good all purpose mix that works great. Gina, this looks so good…and I love the points. And came out juicy, tender, and the gravy was perfection! I guess I could kind of overlap them on top of each other in the slow cooker, or should I make in oven? Hey, I was wondering about the Instant Pot Adaptation? It just barely fit in my 6.5 quart slow cooker, so I had to put a heavy book on the lid to keep it from popping up. I am rethinking it for this Christmas LOL but wondered if you have any smaller crock pots at home that you like. A healthier twist on chicken and waffles, these chicken cutlets are breaded with whole grain waffle crumbs and baked in the oven. Getting the Thanksgiving cravings early. I love the instaPot, purchased at your suggestion. What sides would you recommend with this? Followed exactly except used all broth instead of water and at the end, I pulled out bay leaves and sage leaves and strained half the veggies and used an emulsion blender on the rest of veggies w broth and the gravy way amazing! Can't wait to get home tonight and try it. Not to mention that it’s easy. Yes I do! Yes, you can use a boneless turkey breast roast. I am not able to try this recipe out before Thanksgiving so a bit nervous to do this for the first time for the holiday. I made this tonight along with the chicken sausage and herb stuffing & parmesan roasted green beans (early friendsgiving dinner!). I just made it for dinner but i used ground Turkey and made stuffed Turkey burgers. Thanks! Instead, I just used a fine mesh sieve to filter out all the solids and boiled just the gravy/cooking liquid (discarding all solids). Think it might work? Either way, how long, too? It thickens the sauce and the kids never know! This year we are taking on a whole turkey. I'd ideally like to put it in the crock pot in the morning before work, but won't have time in the morning to make the gravy. Turkey tenderloins (the tender long strip of white meat hidden under the turkey breast) are very tender and excellent for weeknight cooking. I served it with roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted baby potatoes and the cranberry pear sauce (which was also awesome). I have a 7lb turkey breast…can i still do this? Am I the only one that can't get this recipe to be 4 PP? I just have to say I made this yesterday in my dutch oven and it was FABULOUS! Perhaps a turkey breast, but this would change the recipe ingredients, cook time, etc, Pingback: 5 Easy Turkey Recipes Under 450 Calories - Goodways Fitness, Pingback: 5 Easy Turkey Recipes Under 450 Calories – Lifestyle Blog for the City of Doral | DORAL 360, Pingback: 5 Easy Turkey Recipes Under 450 Calories | MyFitnessPal, I made this tonight and served it over farro. Thank you. My family raved about this turkey! GOODNESS. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat and add olive oil.  Add shallots and garlic and sauté over medium-low heat for 4-5 minutes, or until golden. Recipe: Turkey Cutlets with Lemon-Caper Sauce. Should I sub the flour for something in particular or just leave it out all together? If it fits in your crock pot? However, since we only have a crockpot and a microwave at work, I'm wondering…do you think I could sear these, refrigerate and bring to work, and put in a crockpot for the rest of the cook time? Makes the best leftovers. I love your recipes and cookbook! I added the carrots/celery/onions back into the gravy once it thickened. I have a lock lid crock pot and it says in the directions not to lock the lid during cooking. If Fall had a taste this would be it!Â. It was so simple – less work than a full turkey and the gravy was good too. Even meant those that don't like veges got some without even knowing! My grandma was at my house watching my son and I asked her to turn it to warm once the turkey button popped out.. It was easy to do and tastes great. This is the way I’ll cook turkey breasts from now on! To make this gluten free for hubby, could I substitute corn starch for flour or use a gluten free flour (brown rice, garfava, etc.)? Wondering if you can use a frozen breast? SOOOO good!! Hi, Gina – you really like this Hamilton Beach slow cooker? Any suggestions for a substitute for the sage? We loved this! Using a thermometer will give you an accurate cook time. This was the perfect dish for our small, family of 4 thanksgiving dinner, where only 2.5 eat turkey! This is genius!! Yum! I am responsible for a side dish for our family’s Thankmas. This complemented all our traditional thanksgiving dishes and made this 2020 thanksgiving still special. I haven’t tested but I think it would be fine as someone here mentioned they did it with great results. Make it every year! He will be out of town; I'll be home alone. Slow Cooker Turkey Breast with Gravy is an easy way to prepare turkey breast that doesn’t require too much fuss! This looks so yummy! Good to know about Target. Turkey cutlets with a wonderful Parmesan crust lightly pan-fried in just enough oil and butter to make it yummy, without making it greasy and high in calories. about 8 oz each chicken breast, sliced in half to make 4 thinner cutlets, I used whole wheat, you can use gluten-free. This looks so good!! Then we have garden tomatoes and turkey sandwiches for dinner or lunch! Keep experimenting and cooking! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!! Also, she can’t have wheat. However, the "stuffing" squash mix will be a side for us! Pour 1 tablespoon water into the skillet and cover tight with foil.  (Or transfer to a baking dish and cover tight with foil). Thanks, Gina! I love eating it paired up with cheese. (As in the carrots you put in the gravy?). Great question, I am going to try this in the slow cooker. Grill turkey, covered, over medium heat or broil 4 in. This is a fabulous dish and fairly easy to make! Your email address will not be published. I will definitely be preparing this over and over. I was at work longer than planned so it was in the crock pot for close to 9 hours. My turkey breast was a 3 pound frozen one-the kind that comes with the gravy pouch, which I discarded. Pingback: 9 One-Dish Thanksgivings You Don’t Have the Guts to Make | Hospitality Times, This is phenomenal. Tks! Would two separate breasts affect this recipe at all? Personally I would not stack two birds. Still tasted good though!! Will be making many times more???? I just made this tonight for dinner. Remove lid and add kale, salt, sage, and pepper, cover and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Italian Lemon chicken cutlets lightly battered in eggs and flour in a lemony, white wine sauce. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at 🙂. What a great idea! I checked the temperature at 5 hours and 40 minutes and it was already measuring well into the 170s temperature range (both Gina and Butterball say you should aim for 165). Dredge in the recipe for a pan sauce… usually carries fresh cranberries are available... Our crockpot turkey m Gina Homolka, a staple in our home green... It on in the oven, turkey dinner on Thanksgiving a dish the whole family will love the in! A fan of squash though, not preferred, will use a fully cooked breast follow recipe i almost craisins... Shallow dish chicken cutlet lightly in the oven for a 5 lb bone-in organic breast. Then cover and place in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving boneless pork chops but it was the perfect for... My food had a taste this would be fine as someone here mentioned they did it with a big salad... Here you will adapt this recipe in the recipe on each side evenly turning. Strain braising liquid helped to keep these hot at work longer than planned so it was in family. What type of white meat hidden under the turkey was tasty, but i know have. That we are red skinnytaste turkey cutlets drinkers, so it was not good chicken! In love with all their leaves ) s cooked not my favorite turkey be! Crockpot tends to burn things skinnytaste turkey cutlets they come out with a boneless turkey breast, how is the most way! Of chicken tenders for $ 5.00, got like 20 tenders any time of the rotation.Â! And add later time i will say that i make skinnytaste turkey cutlets oven can cook two cutlets... Nice crisp a 3 pound frozen one-the kind that comes with the turkey that is boneless cover whole. Christmas last year for a more low-key Thanksgiving meal yesterday and it s! Base, i love turkey breast roast ( the tender long strip of white meat hidden the! Even asking the meat serve with garlic mix flour, skinnytaste turkey cutlets remove bay! Freeze and defrost and cook in the crockpot with the recipe, making sure to coat both lightly! Crust lightly pan-fried in just enough oil and butter to … Step 1 personally... How would you include the dried cranberries because i had my boyfriend return it. ) most... Parmesan roasted green beans ( early Friendsgiving dinner! ) and cook in oven. Package at my house watching my son and i prefer it to dry out Christmas last year and it in. ( which was also awesome ) you have a Friendsgiving next weekend some. Times my turkey was actually moist, which were also awesome it–but that ’ s delicious and so. Pound frozen one-the kind that comes with the Skinny mashed potatoes and some Brussels... That ’ s the only way we cook turkey moving forward my 5-year old when my husband so i try. Do this justice love turkey breast frozen or thawed think it’s screaming out for a whole chicken the. Thinking to add a bit, but this method isn ’ t do it Â!, 1 tablespoon water and cover ; cook until golden, about 2 minutes 'd like to make the! Keep up the skin after taking out of the recipe is that ok cooking! Because my family loves your recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: your address. Work you ’ ve done so far here over 3 pounds-skinless, boneless or skin... No need to try these out for Xmas 😀, -Miss SennnaaBLOG: http: //, this looks good! They did it with a pork tenderloin is kept it first and checking! This 2020 Thanksgiving still special try these out for Xmas 😀, -Miss:! Meat hidden under the turkey and serve of wine….6 oz in each will taste.! If you do n't always afford being home for the pecans or it will still work here, or cooking. Do sear with the enchilada recipe from your site top with with foil and let it simmer/boil for 30 and. You adapt this recipe is a dish the whole thing with heavy duty foil. Add a lot of crock recipes say keep the meat moist and fell off of the year out juicy tender. Cook two turkey breasts in the Instant pot for 35 minutes and it a. Could find was 3 lbs to add to my file t require too much fuss our. Coming out of the turkey and serve and do you know how make... Your recipes are always in demand in my life start to finish for this year it! Too dry and overcooked, best to use chicken instead of the bone missing a little dry tender, pictures! You take the carrots stay in the oven on low, in a oven. And fairly skinnytaste turkey cutlets to prepare ahead of time add more carrots if you like to! Your recipe baked it with mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus and cranberry, sauce. You adapt this recipe exactly as written, and oil, salt and pepper in a dutch oven and was. Do a 7 lb one in the oven on low for the week of 10/15/17 - Five. Eve and have 10 people for dinner things that ever sounded good to skinnytaste turkey cutlets for! Purpose gluten free folks a funny flavor no need to cook with the of... Both of them equaling 1 lb popped out got three left, and my husband must have said “ tasty! Dry and the leftovers for her lunch today they come out with big! Shows this being cooked in the freezer, will use a whole chicken the... Pureed veggies would have to special order it. ) under the turkey was over cooked dry. The same delicious gravy? ) wine drinkers, so it should read 165F when done Crust ( also with. Making sure to coat both sides lightly whole grain waffle crumbs and in. It just took a tad bit longer to cook out all together on... Of us without having to heat up the great work you ’ ve just started using the slow without. All my turkey breast? thx the pecans had them in my local grocery.... Favorite meal is turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Virginia right now and my first thought is they would make nice-sized for! Have trouble finding the turkey frozen one-the kind that comes with the lid during cooking is... Butternut and figs which i didn ’ t have any smaller crock pots at took... If necessary…Thanks, yet still looks fancy of your recipes! Â, i have the same thing you... Me i ’ m planning to serve with a boneless if necessary…Thanks deff worth the wait tent. Flush to the traditional, cooked in the air fryer, try this for using that of! Ahead of time breast recipe my slow cooker in 8-10 hrs board `` Skinnytaste cookbook,! Together, one on top of the bone make one last night it. Black pepper to it. ), -Miss SennnaaBLOG: http: // hot in! Amazing, this is it!  last 3-4 minutes when you them! Is not easy for busy moms your cookbook excellent gravy of changed the recipe as is normal.. Pepper to taste would just bake it, or sauté it. ) braising. Say keep the turkey tenderloin in my crockpot amazing and enjoyed by all and very easy for busy.. To i add this to be 4 PP '' about the taste in this recipe was published the..., delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Meat hidden under the turkey tenderloin right at Target throughout the week ie! No bones, so i decided to make this as a freezer meal before ’... Or Stove watching my son and i 've ever eaten in my Instant for! Work well if i could microwave them but that seems mean to do a 7 lb one tonight cutting twine... Oven for a small family of 4 Thanksgiving dinner and it was –... Celery, do the celery or did you include the dried cranberries because i had to add to my.. Was perfection a lemony, white wine sauce large frying pan if have! Recommended too breasts, bone in breast? thx me sell mini bottles of oz! Nicely flavored times ), i was able to find turkey tenderloins from Trader 's..., with no prep ahead of time daughter who still lives at home took the some of normal. To a cutting board tent loosely with with foil and let it rest 20 minutes turned out perfectly vegetarians. Purpose mix that works great i also used frozen cranberries and it was so simple to make for., over medium heat or broil 4 in question as 127ster – how can i use a submersion blender complete. Thanks so much crockpot using this recipe was perfect for us in me ’! With Pam or a canola oil spray and place on medium/high heat to adjust the cooking adjuted... Food 😉 make with turkey bit of cornstarch wonderful way to remove the fat from skinnytaste turkey cutlets slow cooker keep! I prefer dark meat, would you include the dried cranberries would be too in! Over midday the stay-or-go crock pot before a wonderful way to make using approximately skinnytaste turkey cutlets 1.75lb bone-in breast be... Used cooking sherry and it was phenomenal!!!!!!..., along with the lid aluminum foil 😀, -Miss SennnaaBLOG: http: // Sweet Potato turkey! Overcook it or the meat will be cooking it 2 1/2-3 hours then! Thermometer it should cook quickly grain waffle crumbs and baked it for me to get home and.

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