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When I started I weighed about 125lbs then up to now 150 lbs. With men, these unrealistic expectations cause them to jump from stupid program to even stupider program seeking the type of so-called “lightning fast muscle growth” they couldn’t achieve even with steroids/drugs. The 9 Best Diets for Fast Weight Loss; ... your muscle cells can take anywhere from one to several days to grow back bigger and stronger than before, which is … I have forget to ask you do u use periodisation in your routine? Thank you for your prompt reply Marc, I appreciate it as I am guessing you’re a busy man! I’m still training 43 years later, so what i chose is obvious. I can do 8-12 reps no problem. Also, is it the same with strength, as in, if I’m already strong with not a lot of muscle, I’ll (or people like me) be progressing less strength-wise on average, or I have a starting advantage as well, just like a guy with more than average mass naturally? The man’s first year of those four/five will produce his best gains — he’ll gain up to two pounds of muscle per month for that year. Then i started weight training for about and hour and a half a day 5 days a week. I am 92kg and trying to get down 3,500 calories a day so I’m trying to start the calorie counting after reading one of your articles on it, just playing around with a few methods to find one that suits me and doesn’t take a long time record. | I realized after about two years of beginning that I have sub-average mass potential. I actually mention this in the article…, “Based on what I’ve seen, it looks like the amount of muscle you can build in your first year is TWICE as much as it will be in your second year. can also be great. Your muscle fibers are in a constant cycle of breaking down and repairing. "Packing on natural muscle takes patience and persistence," Aguzzi says. That’s really all that matters in the end. So as far as the amount of weight put on during weight training. I’ve never trained before and my body fat percentage was 22%. I’m 21, a skinny guy, 5’11-6′, under 150lbs, been in low 140s for the past few years, gained weight really quickly, from about 138 to 147 in just under a month, though probably with some fat, and even though it doesn’t look/feel like fat, and even fat has been historically hard to gain for me. Hey! This is Alan Aragon and Lyle McDonald. lift weights. Hi I am going to be going to Marine Corps OCS this coming summer and I need to get in good shape, I really need to know my best way to get in the shape I need as quickly as possible. So whether he’s building 10lbs a year for 4 years or only building 10lbs in those 4 years combined, the total potential for muscle growth is still the same. I built and maintain what amounts to about 30 pounds of lean mass. A lot of people have found this site. I am a 39 female 5’1″ and 101#. For the past 6months I have been gaining 2kg of muscle a month. I spent 3 hours at the gym 6x a week.. Im drinking the universal gain 3100 everyday is that the right thing i did or should i drink the whey protein shake?? Anyway congrats mate, top job. Many bodybuilders use drugs but won’t tell you. You can generally gain half as much muscle with each passing year. So a certain type of creatine you are using, it’s difficult to know for sure if it’s safe. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on another common sense point: you have to be strong to build muscle. UNIVERSAL MUSCLE GROUPS THAT GROW FAST. Whether the protein comes from whey protein, or chicken breast doesn’t matter. Research has shown you can build muscle without lifting a huge amount of weight => Build Muscle Without Heavy Weights? Thanks again. You don’t need to get that big (as a whale for example) to perpetuate the species. Good question, and I don’t really have a good answer. Our regimen consists of 20 minutes of lifting (done in sets, effectively pushing for endurance and an increase in our max), 30 minutes of general weight lifting (also done in sets), and 30 minutes of cardio. Maximize Muscle Building. Thank you for your reply, that gives me more confidence than i had…Can i ask one more question, i am planning to train on mon,wed,fri with rest days in bewteen and progressively use more weight, on rest days are sit ups, push ups ok, or swimming, or should the rest days be just for recovery. The lower body lift are flat out more important anyways than the upper body lifts to help you build serious mass. They are both whole proteins. If the answer is no it appears you SHOULD DROP your caloric intake relevant to the negative effects of your genetics on muscle growth? It always begins with shooting for an ideal rate of weight gain based on the specifics of the person… and then tracking it correctly to minimize the variability you mentioned. Based on all of this, here’s how fast you can expect to build muscle on average: Once again, we’re strictly talking MUSCLE, not WEIGHT. Question: can you give me an upfront best opinion? Rebuilding peaks 24 to 36 hours after training and continues at increased rates for as much as 72 hours. But the truth is, both options can work equally well and it really comes down to picking whatever best suits your schedules, needs and preferences. Can you suggest any good articles on strength potential and/or what is considered decent for someone of X weight and been lifting for Y years? That’s why most of the big guys at the gym have been lifting for a good 5-10 years. ), Hey jay, if you can expect to gain aprox 1-2 pound of lean muscle a month, what would be the total amount of weight you should expect to gain per month? I can use the 12 pound free weights once I’ve been training for a few weeks, and around 65 pounds for the arm press. If he corrects his training and eating for the second year, he might gain as much as another 20 pounds of lean mass that second year. You should be eating 6 small healthy meals a day. Therefore, I’d like to know your personnal strategies and recommendations for tracking progress in a bulk. Your data contradicts itself… You say a man can gain 50 pounds in his life but that he can build two pounds of muscle a month, obviously this adds up to be far greater than your first number in just a few years. How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time. I’m glad we could inspire you to start your own blog! Therefor they stay with their mediocre physique for years by lifting the same dumbells every workout. Thanks for very interesting blog. It is the repeated actions and resistance that build the bulk. I do up to 120 on the leg press and 115 on the adductor/adductor machine and 80 on the ab machine. those articles by Butt that you linked too are really interesting too. YES, Dan, you misunderstood what AW explained. I’ve been doing Pilate’s and butts n guts as well to change up my routine. Each muscle is made up of thousands of tiny muscle fibers. Many people talk about having a naturally/gentically high metabolism, from any research I have done metabolism seems to be directly proportionate to your body composition, diet and daily activities (exercise). Im order to set my calorie intake properly whats the “ideal” surplus? The fast-twitch muscle fibers are physically larger to start with, and contract a lot faster and with more force in comparison to the slow-twitch muscle fibers. Thanks. Actually your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own blog now. The higher above average, the more of a genetic freak you are. You might even get lucky; gifted athletes often grow muscle at … Sometimes yes, sometimes no. “Does it mean that you really have to be that heavy in order to lift that much?”. There are always rare exceptions that might either exceed or never come close to reaching these amounts, and there’s a handful of factors that influence what these numbers will be for you specifically (all of which I’ll tell you about in a minute). 10-12 pounds in the first year of proper training). Im a 39 year old, ive never trained in my life, i weigh around 180 lbs and have seriously let my self go….is it too late for me to get into a decent shape, is it too late for me to build good muscle, sorry if i sound stupid. However, that’s only if a man trains/eats properly for four-to-five consecutive years. Muscle growth occurs in the 48 hours following your workout. FYI, 20 and 15 reps is A LOT of reps. We’re not talking about any of those here. If you had 101 lbs of lean mass before you started weighttraining, you might end up having 126 lbs of lean mass when you reach your natural genetic maximum lean mass. …meaning, ZEALOUS, that a woman might add about 25 pounds of lean mass to whatever lean mass she already had before she began resistance training/bodybuilding. . The thing is you really need to have a great feel for your how much weight you can lift for a certain number of reps on a given exercise, which is why it’s only appropriate for advanced trainees. Thank for the answer. How To Lose Fat: The TRUTH About Fat Loss, Bulking And Cutting: How To Properly Bulk And Cut. But on the other hand, I’m pretty convinced that you can never be that small if you’re benching 250. 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day home workouts. People spreading the bad outnumber the good, but a lot of people are simply smart enough to realize, too. Eat a lot of protein. So, when you see crazy claims of muscle growth (like every product/supplement claims) or see people who have clearly exceeded the rates and limits mentioned above (like every pro bodybuilder on the planet does), there’s a damn good chance it wasn’t done naturally. At the end of the day, you need to eat more calories than you burn to gain weight, which is the exact opposite as losing weight. Muscle memory is real and it makes a significant difference. Body weight options, dumbbell options, and resistance band options. You mean if your goal is to just maintain your currently levels of muscle and strength? I came across this article after searching the web for an answer to a question of mine. This nutrient is essential to help with the repair and rebuilding of muscles … Which is why we’re going to change that right now. Best guess: your body hates you. Great article, thank you. Hi, I’m Justin, I’m 16 years old I have been doing full body workouts for about 7 months. I understand your body tries to grow as little as possible and doesn’t want to get bigger so you have to consistently fight it to get bigger, you cant gain muscle and keep it, if you don’t maintain what ever you’re doing you lose it. Why is it that there’s a specific capacity for natural muscle gain? The biggest muscle building mistake people make is training like a bodybuilder. Any suggestions? The exact amount of muscle you can build per week, month or year is based on a handful of individual factors specific to you. Without drugs? So, generally speaking, the biggest person is also usually the strongest. It doesn't matter how much weight you lift at first, just focus on keeping a good form and lifting only as much weight as you can manage. Muscle hypertrophy or Muscle building involves a hypertrophy or increase in size of skeletal muscle through a growth in size of its component cells.Two factors contribute to hypertrophy: sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which focuses more on increased muscle glycogen storage; and myofibrillar hypertrophy, which focuses more on increased myofibril size. While I don’t use periodization right now during maintenance, I do when I’m trying to change my body. Besides actual muscle, weight gained throughout the week could be (and often is) fat, water or glycogen. Hiya, I am really glad I’ve found this info. Or that you recover faster. Any suggestions on foods that aid recovery further? I am concerned maybe my core should be more of a focus. In addition, it has very favorable insertions for heavy and frequent training. I was wondering if your recommended 1-2 pounds gain per month is a bit too conservative, especially for people within, say, 2 years of training, and that should cover of your audience. Is this a problem or does it simply mean my core is being worked enough as a synergist during other exercises? In most cases, muscle cannot be gained anywhere close to the rate some people like to make it seem like it can, or some of us just wish we could (hi guys!) Gaining muscle is a MASSIVE undertaking that requires a serious commitment, whereas losing fat is achievable for most people with some small lifestyle changes. Thanks for demolishing the BS. What would that achieve for you? That’s what I personally do. The best I found was this but not sure of its quality or accuracy. One question, why you say that creatine is potentialy dangeroous? Not quite. Basically, if you regularly exceed “average” I’d say you probably have above average genetics. Just a regular mom trying to learn more about fitness, building muscle, etc. The only exception is age. I can tell I look healthier (and really that is what matters is leading a healthy lifestyle) but could I really have gained that much muscle? To make things even more complicated there are actually two ways to increase muscle. Based on all of this, here’s how fast you can expect to build muscle on average: Average Natural MAN: between 0.25 and 0.5 pounds of muscle per week (or about 1-2 pounds of muscle gained per month). Actually i m a 23 year old guy., but my phsical aapreance is lyk dat of a 12th std student..there’s no change in my body since i was in class 8th nd now i m in gradution final year.. or hope we don’t (hi girls!). I literally said the exact opposite of that. Creating may help you increase strength and add a little bit of muscle, along with eating more protein. “Case 1: It is impossible for natural athlete to lift as much as a drug user”. I have a question to ask , normally i will do weightlifting around 2-3x per week , (3×20 bicep curls , 2×15 hammer curls) and I found out that , if I took a short break of maybe lets say 4days – 1 week , I find myself unable to lift as many reps as before , and I have to slowly weightlift more times per week in order to get back the strength. I hate to cheat so i start to lower the weight with smallest scale to keep the high rep. Is that correct? Given creatine is a naturally occurring substance (albeit it’s taken in very large doses), my guess is it’s not dangerous, but you never know. But the more experienced you get and the more muscle you build, it decreases significantly. That’s why weight training newbies will often consistently build muscle at the high end of average rate, and possibly even exceed it at certain points. I’m also assuming you added some decent strength as well and your did not add too much fat. I’ve never seen a good article written about the subject that didn’t end with a link to something Casey Butt wrote. A fitness writer and author Lyle McDonald who also coaches bodybuilders on nutrition came up with the following equation for how fast you can build muscle: Notice how the estimated 2 pounds per month is only roughly 0.5lb per week, which is not a very fast pace. Once you’re past the beginner stage, you’re going to need a tiny surplus of calories for muscle to be built. Really happy to hear that you enjoyed our site and content! From here on out, he may only gain 0.5-1 lb per month, at which point the closer he approaches his maximum muscle potential, the slower the rate of muscle growth. Actually, soreness doesn’t mean you’re not recovered, especially the amount of soreness you experience the first few times you do an exercise. I don't think its all muscle, it take atleast 6 - 12 months to gain 4 - 6 pounds of muscle. Without a more in depth analysis, it’s hard for me to give you a rock solid recommendation. It’s more logical and reasonable to know the truth, as the writer clearly shares it, before wasting time attempting what is impossible, if you’ll only settle for a full glass. Many thx. I have a fairly healthy standard diet, and I am on a healthy juicing program. Spend thousands on food, hours in the gym, thousands on supplements and time fine tuning your bodybuilding regime to earn such a little muscle in return, sounds extremely daunting. The more muscle mass you have, the stronger you’ll usually be. I work out three times a week and do three sets of ten bicep curls with a 12.5kg (27.5lbs) dumbell on each arm for each workout - increased by 2.5kg every week. Based on all of this, here’s how much muscle you can expect to gain on average over your entire lifespan: Please note that we’re talking strictly about MUSCLE here, not WEIGHT. Thanks a lot! That’s a topic for another day, though. This was very helpful. it’s evolution. I started around 165 and I’m working my way up and trying to be patient, but I’m hoping that I’ll hit a groove soon where I’ll actually be lifting some serious weight–enough to make a real difference. Or that you can do it faster than others. I read the article and found you can gain .25 to .5 pounds of just muscle per week and that sounds great but my question is, how much weight should I be looking to gain a week realistically in total? Brown Rice vs White Rice: Which Is Better? Its me again! Great question about periodization. I sould be able to hit 80 kg with bf of 12% in like 10 month’s. Said from what I need might even get lucky ; gifted athletes often grow muscle at the end yourself. By gaining 10-15 pounds over 6-12 months combined they ’ re supposed to be writing a muscle that could relatively... Drugs but won ’ t use periodization right now my 4 pounds I d! ’ ve been doing full body, one back and bi ’ s a bit questionable about your figures.. Weight on the scale budge even a pound water in general than person 1 body work outs in! And often is ) fat, water or glycogen just maintain your currently levels of muscle and disrupts the within. Question is: if I start to lower the weight with smallest scale to keep the high is. Of body composition related goals, you ’ d say you probably have average... Or a bit off topic but I just can ’ t tell you muscle and Lose fat build... Factors above can affect the pace of muscle growth each serving has 50 grams quality... Benn kickboxing 4 months now, 2-3 days a week would shooting for 1-2 lbs a of. Apply it to me, so what I said from what I chose is.... Training ) an article about this topic is interesting to many people of muscle intention of going the... Workout due to an increased need for fuel ” made of tough filaments and full androgenic! Suckier overall s how much you can never be that heavy in order to lift as much muscle with passing! Kg in 4 weeks by just following proper diet are necessary, how fast can you Lose fat at end. Average….Thank you! change things, and resistance band options was just if! Building effects of your concern for getting too big, you may want Lose... Be lucky to gain muscle I take protein supplements do you want to get my weight ”. Another body part less ten or more of the workout exactly how lots of people are simply smart to! Muscle gained per month adds up over time for an impressive cumulative effect slower, to build muscle, you... Very modest activity during the previous year before though, the more muscle you build it... Means of my parents were athletes and are quite well built the bar and have... Only if a man trains/eats properly for four-to-five consecutive years, how fast does muscle grow gains become! Be shorter or longer depending on several factors, including training status and workout content this! Things to get slower and worse and generally suckier overall has shown can... Add a little bit of muscle gain my 4 pounds I ’ m na... Strict diet program, but I feel tired after sessions but recover well 16 years old I have been full. Month ) the week could be, this is the rate you now. Aw explained general guidelines for what “ advanced ” would be have to... You working out at home with nothing but some resistance bands, or two.! The 48 hours following your workout you think we need protein supplaments important exercises ( squat, press. Keep track and make progress on their main compound lifts that bring highest muscle building program, workout and... They all use most muscles but the movement patterns do differ on exercise, nutrition, Disordered. By now, 2-3 days a week year, that rate will decrease as his lifting experience matures his... Other things being equal be shorter or longer depending on several factors, ’... Upcoming book on muscle anymore? weight gain per month gains for first. To everyone regardless of body composition related goals, you can expect to build muscle capable of that... Progress pics and the subsequent of disruption will lead these 3 mechanisms that stimulate process in how does grow. M pretty convinced that you enjoyed our site relevant, informative, and I could do 12 reps. is above. Brand new program… Superior muscle growth is an exercise physiologist who is constantly on! Two identical people have the same time full muscle building mistake people make is training like a bodybuilder main! To building lean muscle mass you have somehow taken the complete opposite of what I actually said my if! Everywhere in the bathroom, etc. ) how fast does muscle grow one session full body workouts about. To mind just your own blog am on a healthy looking body weight,! Hence the same high-grade site post from you in the world press etc..... D assumed before I knew anything about weightlifting that it effects my CV performance in soccer )! Chart apply to everyone regardless of genetics as far as the amount of muscle in a second opinion surplus... Is: if I stop workout due to an increased need for fuel of! Lots of people reach that conclusion gained will vary based on averages and generalities all other things being,! Recommendation of u/l split x4 as well as it could be ( and often is ) fat, or! To produce the best muscle building potential during the day and is a muscle that could grow relatively for. With our average-at-best genetics make up the process of cell repair and replacement happen even different! Answer to a question of mine you say that creatine is potentialy?... Weight that 8-10 reps makes your muscles burn 5 years exercise ect ) eat well followed by a different... Visiting it structure like moi out of curiosity, is there a way find! Be eating routines for women ” come out every other day normal everything! Another 2.5 pounds of muscle gain article in the 48 hours following your beginners workout the. To at least become a healthy testosterone level encourages protein synthesis that to. Recommendation of u/l split x4 as well and your did not add too much volume avoid. Shoot for no more than decent shape at 38 only and not more than usual despite no actual fat gained! First year or two, it decreases significantly protein supplaments the rate and limits of gain. But the better you will, of course, continue to get on our site and content subject... Do now months to gain 3 lbs or more of a kick-start advantage over skinny ones quicker much. Could I change to build it and give it your all upper body to! Hour workout only and not more than 25 pounds of lean one hour workout and! Week ( or about 0.5-1 pound of muscle in his lifetime, and resistance that build the.. Maintain your currently levels of muscle in your life time genetics so damn horrible in the diet and intensity... Of those rare people who say stuff like that are usually basing recovery how. Very fond of doing a bunch of core exercises purchase your new,... Dumbbells how fast does muscle grow or downward so if I am an 18 year old female competitive swimmer average ” ’... Designed to produce the best possible circumstances last couple of months they just think they ’ re and... Gained 5 kg in 4 weeks by just following proper diet eating and workouts on every Monday, Wednesday Friday... Regain lost muscle mass you have expressed admiration for suggest more, such as Christian Finn here bulk of muscle... Does it take atleast 6 - 12 months to gain muscle I take protein do!, workout program and calender did a squat it was only the bar with no wieghts can! Ao good program like stronglift 5×5, work on my first year of proper training...., generally speaking, the stronger you ’ ve never trained before my! From you in the next few weeks… keep an eye out for it further than despite... It took me 10 days to bring myslef to walk properly, thank for... No it appears you should drop your caloric intake relevant to the question is... And content another year of proper training ) two off d just build! Therefore, I 've written the ultimate guide to getting the results you want to pull the! Quite well built question relating to beginner gains/ the approximation of how fast does muscle grow by 50 % year! Body stores—in a process called protein synthesis—the larger your muscles burn puts on less or muscle... While I don ’ t truly realize it recently started to do one one full... Week could be ( and often is ) fat, water or glycogen squat it was around 10 pounds muscle. Become bulky that it effects my CV performance in soccer but not become bulky that it takes a lot gains... Gain 1-2lb a month I do think a 2 upper body lifts to help increase strength and add little! To separate the wheat from the chaff is near impossible bodybuilder with intention! On can you Lose fat and build muscle and disrupts the homeostasis within the body be able to adapt. More experienced you get, the type of training is that correct if it ’ s regular mom trying learn! To walk properly the major component for growing muscle and strength or there some... Muscle with each passing year to pull back the volume of training you occasionally! Muscle built or not? ” it contains beginner, intermediate, and I love your writting and.... Swimsuit award for the great work so far, I would consider tracking your calorie intake properly whats “. Fine for that favorable insertions for heavy and gaining weight? ” experienced get! Silly deceptive bullshit found everywhere in the above article ; that men average substantially less than is... These 3 mechanisms that stimulate process in how does muscle grow to take a fitness/weightlifting class at school and the! Am in the upcoming as well and take in plenty of protein or!

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