pitney bowes package not moving

Cause This is due to default value 2000 set in the DWPopulate.dtsConfig file. I can think of several huge national businesses that had lousy CS and then died a slow death, as opposed to companies that have thrived on a rep of good CS, such as Amazon & Meh. Unfortunately Meh refunded me after 3 weeks of it being stuck in NJ. My irk left Greenwood, IN on the 19th with no indication of where it was/is going and it hasn’t arrived anywhere. @Collin1000 @kevinrs if everyone just drank a shot of bleach each night the pandemic would end. @benjaMEHn @f00l before Covid, the only issues I had with Newgistics is that there wasn’t as many updates as smart post. @TheDr0wRanger don’t forget your coupon code UNFUNPUTTY. They sent pre shipment info to UPS the 29th, and it’s in transit at Bloomington again the 30th. Carrollton, TX. @eonfifty @OnionSoup @speediedelivery I live in the state capital… my irks have taken all sorts of bizarre and repetitive routes all while taking ages. I got 2 more of the May mehrathon orders yesterday, 2 still in limbo. @scfd0766 That happened to me too. @Ignorant one crony showed up. Pitney Bowes sat on every one of my packages for a minimum of 3 days. Though you could see evidence that your package is bouncing around, and in some cases breaking some speed limits going back and forth across the country. Is there any reasonable hope that the P-B services will improve? I’ll just file a complaint with PayPal and try to get my money back. The failure to address it speaks volumes. I want my packages to look like the trunks and suitcases in the old cartoons. Stop looking at their dysfunctional tracking; your orders will get to you eventually. … Hopefully those words will inspire my wife. When they receive a package, I have to wait and wait til I can’t remember what I ordered anymore. Honestly if the choice is $5 crappy Pitney Bowes shipping OR $10 better than crappy shipping… I’d rather stick with crappy PB. My package left TX in may and on 6/1 made it to CA, where it has been. 50 days: Pitney Bowes. They can’t afford to eat it over and over again. meh at least refunded me. 11:05am ET 11:30am ET Knowing my past luck it is probably headed back to TX again. @irishdragonles So China bought Carrolton, TX? Changes need made to fix some of the problems so it will be an interesting process. I’m not getting my Ray Bans before my mid-July vacation, am I? 6 days: US Customs. One place I can see where money might be saved whatever shipper is used is consolidating shipments when possible. 28 @bfields01 @meh @RiotDemon You should tag @barneybot instead as he is the CEO of meh and a verified bot to boot. I kept trying to figure out who it was since the tracking number didn’t work on any of the other better known shippers. And in the same building was the wonderful Brasserie, open 24 hours once upon a time, v nice food, priced for “we the masses of the financial proletariat”. Ain’t what it used to be, shipping was never an issue. 2020 Somewhere in Indiana, a Pitney Bowes employee is probably sleeping easy on my Meh pillows. Things are beginning to move … And more things will move once the pasta gets in me. Making comments just to denigrate the feelings of others makes you an asshole. 13 I’m a mod because I like being here. Grapevine, TX Interesting note: the tracking info shows the post office operating 24 hours a day with early a.m. timestamps, but all the Pitney Bowes updates are from between 6 a.m and 6 p.m. Looking forward to another bowl of that delicious elixir, we headed to Macy’s. The package was to be delivered a DAY BEFORE my spouses Birthday (Yesterday). Unfortunately I don’t have an immediate answer, but I wanted to make sure it’s clear we know this is a problem and it’s something we’re paying close attention to and working on. If they actually tried to figure out where something is I’d suspect they’d never be able to find it. And there you were! There’s a good chance that they shut down traffic too and from a lot of there servers to plug security holes, which is why it’s taking them longer than normal and why we’re not getting updates. Carrollton, TX 2020 They should put a sticker on the box at every location. Once websites are taking more than 30 days to get customers their products, if customers just take it, they lose options in case they never get their products like disputing charges. 1:18pm ET @ELUNO yup Pitney Bowes are pasta thieves they stole my pasta too! I don’t think i’ll order again till meh changes partners or i read on these forums that the problems are fixed. On the Morningsave website, it states (as of June 12th) it “Departed the Pitney Bowes Facility” in Grapevine, TX. mediocre sent me socks. Label Created I don’t purchase time-sensitive stuff here. It’s been 5 since I asked customer service, and there’s been no activity on the tracking for my orders in that time. In this quickly shifting ecommerce landscape, Pitney Bowes is surveying consumers on a wide variety of ecommerce topics each week and publishing the best of our findings every month. Pitney Bowes has had my husband’s tactical vest in Grapevine, TX since June 20, 2020. I hope a reputable seller like Meh will get this sorted out or find an alternate shipper. I kinda hope that the new places loses money, and that the building owners have to subsidize it. I didn’t get a delivery confirmation email from meh until the next day though - that’s unusual. that was the second one 2020 They offer great benefits such as 401k and medical insurance. Like wth? Arrived at Pitney Bowes Facility Fifty. Amusement, some from the last mehrethon, some - who the fuck knows. Even on normal days, often an order doesn’t ship for a couple of days, and if you order something else, both orders may go out the same day or out of order. The last is the one I’ve mentioned before that was grapevine from the 21st, and finally got to bloomington yesterday. That line is created when PB notifies USPS that a package will eventually come their way for delivery. 10 days now just sitting in a facility in the next state after swinging twice through my town in the weeks prior. Last night suddenly it moved. Grapevine, TX @tinamarie1974 Yep I got the same message about my linguine. So I give it to my father and my brother gets an IOU for someday when it actually shows up? No movement in the past 18 days. I propose to the powers that be that whoever is named goat next month has to also have their username changed to Pitney Bowes for a month. WTF?! Pitney Bowes Reviews Big Mikey:Placed an order at WomanWithin on 12/06/2020, it shipped on 12/10/2020 with Pitney we’re a joke Boles. Think this is gonna end up costing Mercatalyst business in the long and maybe short run. UPS and FedEx have given me shipping ETAs and then missed them by several days. That’s the one and only update I’ve received. APR Grapevine, TX Huntington, WV @GBrunner321 I live near a distribution center, so that may have something to do with it, or they may hsve changed their minds about efficiency. You know…inducted into OnionSoup…stopped at stomach for three days …returned to esophagus…entering lower bowel…returned to stomach…exited system with slight damage…. Let me check what laws govern these delay issues and possible get some more help from Federal Agency: We the consumers need some interactive communication about our weeks and months of package delays. I just… don’t know… what’s going on here. So far, after almost a month, Pitney Bowes has only managed to get it from Greenville, Indiana to Atlanta, Georgia. I ordered a Christmas gift on the 17th of November, I still haven’t received it, as of 9 December. I don’t blame meh except that now I’m not getting what I paid for. pastadrop? 26 If you go to the newgistics website you will see that they were acquired. @OnionSoup @speediedelivery @hisgrossness Because WineDavid (Wine Country Connect and Casemates) care about delivering a perishable product. Still no delivery; but most of the info is deleted, at least 3/4 of the various entries, & one locality stop in Orlando altogether. My mediocre socks were the best. My package has been sitting at Pitney Bows in Little Rock AR since June 3rd. Ha. In Transit 2020 This is a complex merger. Days. @RiotDemon You’re not wrong, I should have remembered that part when I said it. You and I (and many others on this site) know your history. 3:28pm ET Pitney Bowes is a global logistics services provider for major marketplaces and retailers. There are more worthy charities I can donate to. July 27, 2020 @lichme If memory serves nothing has ever fully shipped USPS, they have always used a smartpost type setup. It had vanished from tracking after they claimed it had been received by my zip code’s (stating the zip code) post office except my zip code doesn’t have a post office - our stuff is sent to a different one. In Transit not to mention this is one of the latter things I ordered… some from a month ago are still in limbo…lol. @mossygreen My package that traveled back to March a couple of posts above is screen cleaner too. I read I am not the only one waiting regarding pitney bowes. They seem to use a first in, last out inventory so if it doesn’t fly though a hub it languishes for awhile. Picked up and Processed by Agent Curious if this package took a steam boat up the Mississippi…. Carrollton, TX. 2020 They arrange shipping by piggybacking on other orders. 2020 13 @benjaMEHn You are correct; I do. Or of they were audited for SOX compliance? Yes, pandemic but also essential so it is hard for me to imagine stopping delivery. Somehow Pitney Bowes has had my package in my town and it didn’t update for 17 days… now it is 75 miles away… back to Greenwood, IN… and it has been sitting for a week… It was found enough to rescan… but not enough to move it forward. Pitney Bowes is the worst. @sammydog01 Calling people out for complaining and doing a “facepalm” (or “facepaw”) is quite a rude way to offer a differing opinion, no? Greenwood, IN, April 21, 2020 12 but sometimes work with them. After receiving the item in mid-May, it “arrived” at their Commerce, CA facility three days out of four. Honestly difficult to consider ordering anything from here right now with this type of delivery “success”. I’m not sure if you’re saying I made this up, but You can be sure I didn’t. (And took a 2 day trip north to another city) At the now sadly vanished 24-hour Brasserie in the Seagram Building in Manhattan. @loudersoft you are upset about less than a week from label creation? @MarkDaSpark @smerk85 Hey, if you believe the tracking I think I’ve got everyone beat with the post just below. Am I mad? Delivered to Pitney Bowes Facility Are they delivering it by stage coach?? Greenwood, IN @Barney @dave I go back to Woot and I’ve been here a while, I just don’t say anything very often. LNG . @kevinrs, that’s exactly where I am too. @Ignorant I just thought it was one of your friends. Learn More- opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Departed Pitney Bowes Facility The only reason I can come up with if that you enjoy being argumentative. Not far away, but always going in circles. There’s only supposed to be one DHCP server on any network, so that everyone is on the same page to talk to everyone else on the network, especially talking to the router to get to the internet. Contact Pitney Bowes and get REST API docs. Only sometimes, and for some services, they don’t! Pitney Bowes is not a shipper, it's simply a shipment tracking service. PB isn’t exactly careful with the boxes, the slowness isn’t out of carefulness. meh please use a different shipping company! May 18, 2020 9:23am ET @djslack @Felton10 I was turned on to pirate ship by folks on here. College Park, GA. Notice it got to college park GA on the 21st…then it went to Orlando ( 2 hours away from me) on the 31st…now…Back to college Park GA! Since then: No movement at all. That's rediculous! So by my experience. Honest I did. COVID. I’ve complained way too many times to no avail. I left Meh a couple of years ago and recently decided to come back. MAY Some of the “scans” are automated by the computer because that is what should be happening instead of the package actually being scanned. We are of course working on solutions for our other sites and we’re running some tests on recent shipments but we don’t have anything ready to announce yet. 2020-08-10 22:30 While it was still supposedly in transit to the great unknown the USPS delivered it to my apt. I’m not supporting anyone here, I just said one word because I thought it was funny. May 20, 2020 Greenwood, IN @kevinrs Yes, all shipping services are experiencing delays but PB is in a class by itself. I’m guessing mail from meh.com is of the lowest priority because it’s so inexpensive. Shipping Partner:  PITNEY BOWES, MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ 08831 [July 20 1:37pm], Enroute Departed, ATLANTA, GA 30349 [July 21 8:00am], Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item. / Shipping is horrendous recently. Is it coming back? June 27th was to USPS Delivery unit This is worthy of a Pulitzer prize for tracking- I love how many times it got “picked up” in Georgia. @mcc36 IDK. or did they get notably worse after joining up w PB? August 5, 2020 The other two changed their delivery date to August-September. @OnionSoup That seems reasonable… or… they suck. @f00l I think I had mentioned this here once upon a time, but I too have a fond memory of long lost onion soup in Manhattan. As adults we all know better. Seriously, use the USPS, Fed-ex, or UPS. I have had items I ordered May 15th that have not been delivered as of June 30th. Some different tracking sites within the pb network I’ve found: After the original delay Meh has had 20 of my dollars for a very long time with nothing to show for it. A discount, yes, but not cheap. @dvshrt Here is my update today. Gotta love it. This one’s still not arrived. Wait until the USPS is privatized, and Pitney Bowes gets the contract to handle the mail-in votes for the 2020 elections. I work there so I knew that was not correct. Have some knowledge of how they operate? Shipping through Pitney Bowes sucks, meh doesn’t control them. @kcface My lanterns and waterpic arrived on the same pony! It’s a shame, especially since I specifically came to morningsave to buy it rather than going through Amazon or some other company. @aardWolf oldest one 3 weeks? The J.D. Not sure how that could ever have been considered accurate! 3:37 pm I guess we will have to wait and see if they have the decimal point in the wrong place and if the “+” is the operative number here. @mcc36 @speediedelivery Picked Up Postal Service®, which service did you use? It’s frustrating and unexpected. And please don’t get me started on the echo chamber - just because I don’t comment often doesn’t mean I don’t read various threads. I have said enough negative in here I need to highlight a positive shipping experience (shocking right?!) I literally could have hand-delivered it faster. Each day since, in the afternoon I get a notice that it’s delayed to the next day. Prior to that it is wherever PB hauls it (or not). 10:32am ET 1:07pm ET Picked up and Processed by Agent Greenwood, IN @mcc36 I think the weirdness on the tracking is coming purely from the shipping company: Pitney Bowes. Lol. Less exciting news: May 15th never happened. My order was placed July 26th and here is the tracking info b as of right now. I can be patient as long as I know they find the situation unacceptable. Or at least should know better. One appears on meh to have bounced from Texas to Indiana and back, and wow, I check tracking on pitney bowes directly and. I just don’t think it’s worth the trouble unless they get these issues straightened out. Also full disclosure the summer sausages are amazing. My Meh delivery has been sitting less than 10 miles away from me since June 23rd today is the 26th, but from what I’ve reading here I’m ahead of the curve. Definitely have the feeling that anything I buy for XMAS better be purchased before August 1st. @GBrunner321 @mike808 idk, I’ve gotten plenty of things from ups earlier than expected. @narfcake @Willijs3 Most of the complaints I see about shipping are for five dollar crap and cheap drones. Worked at post office many years ago so I called the postal inspecter to track my order,number is ok but nearly all false movements, it could be in the meh warehouse or at P B ,meh has a security problem After one month most companies refund money if under $25 and if you get you keep it. @Barney @Ignorant egg, tomato, and sausage sandwich. @carl669 Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl!!! 8:44am ET Our Christmas cards arrived at a Pitney Bowes facility on December 11…we were informed they should arrive by December 16 at the latest. Commerce, CA The first one is there is no actual post office with my actual zip code. 45 days? Carrollton, TX. @banksnld @Raider are you telling me that my package didn’t go from Texas to California on the same day? I thought I already asked this, but can’t find it. OK, I sent a message to customer service about the worst one: that hasn’t been scanned in 17 days. A few round trips ought to do that. PASTA!!! @elimanningface I looked up dhcp servers and still don’t know what they are. At least offer other shipping options. @mike808 @RiotDemon Did you not read his lengthy complaint? I live in a metropolitan area, so that probably has a lot to do with fast shipping. Pitney Bowes - FAIL. Then it went to the ever-fun Greenwood, IN location where it has sat for nearly a week. It took 8 days, but yesterday my IRK changed status to “Delivered to Pitney Bowes Facility,” whatever that is supposed to mean considering it was already at the regional SoCal PB facility. I’d imagine people with the long waits and crazily routed shipments are in rural or less densely populated areas. @thewynner no one is trying to drown out anyone, otherwise this whole topic would’ve just been deleted…and that would be inept. Meh refunded the purchase. The good news is that COVID-19 doesn’t live long enough to survive Pitney Bowes shipping. PITNEY BOWES CAN BLOW ME.”. Then in transit to some unknown location. One life is all we have to live Love is all we have to give **Formerly known as MissJen316** 13,183 Views Message 5 of 17 1 Helpful Sometimes it feels like Meh is running a glorified dropshipping outfit with these delays. @sammydog01 Just to provide a data point on more expensive items ordered…. Now you see it has left and now it was delivered to FDR facility, ATLANTA, GA 30349 at 2:44pm what ever that place is. My May Irk has been in Greenwood since 6/16. College Park, GA, April 24, 2020 But welcome to Meh, feel free to vent about PB here and maybe check out some other topics here too. Contact software support for information regarding upgrading to version 7.17.00 or higher. same here. No updates on their web site.”, “Man this company sucks. In Transit I have been waiting patiently for 6 weeks now. It took 27 days to arrive. @benjaMEHn @Ignorant Pitney Bowes bought Newgistics in 2017. Yes there was room for comments. BUT THE BEST PART of my most recent foray to PB’s tracking page is a satisfaction with PB survey popped up! I’m assuming low cost because it sure can’t be PB’s reputation. May 15, 2020 !- uuuggghhh. I would charge shipping partners. It did show up the following Tuesday for delivery Wednesday. @thewynner Same Items I ordered the beginning of May are just…sitting. From the tracking on the last couple I’ve received, I think they’ve dropped showing as much tracking info as they were, and maybe they’ve fixed the possible extra scans that showed stuff travelling in circles. Another item I ordered in late April showed up quickly so it seems to be a crapshoot. meh. They’re horrible and anyone standing up for them is… Well… I’m just gonna go with uninformed. Picked Up I ordered these for Father’s Day for my father and brother and it looks like I’m only going to have 1 to hand out tomorrow. People are finding this topic by searching Google about how horrible Pitney Bowes is lately, so they might not all be speaking about purchases from Meh or the related sites. I’ve had a Pitney Bowes postage machine for over 30 years. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date., ATLANTA, GA 30349 [July 21 9:00am]. Most places could not handle the volume if home delivery stopped. Take this over to this topic. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! Greenwood, IN @SD_8 Well if you got directed to the USA site they’d tell you to contact the vendor that sent you the product so actually in that respect you are no worse off. Seems like I’m not the only one playing the waiting game. You want the one that asks for tracking number not package number. @eonfifty We don’t know what the real numbers are on how many orders are being significantly delayed, or how much they are being delayed, Just going by the ~50% of my orders being delayed multiple weeks, and apparently customer support answers are taking over a week, I think meh has a problem, that if they don’t solve, they are going to have real damage to their reputation. Only place safe to order is casemates. Pitney Bowes is terrible I agree. @Cerridwyn @kevinrs pastadrop one is sitting in waco for two weeks… pastadrop two was delivered to waco 9 days ago. An update on the FedEx package of the Mophie charger twin-pack - shows as out for delivery today. I probably like Meh a little too much. However, some adapt better than others. May 12, 2020 I referred them back to the various threads here detailing people’s frustrations as well as trying to catalog (within their character limits) what our basic complaints are about tracking randomness and after the fact changes, shipping scenic side trips and round trips, Greenwood IN’s black hole, package appeared to be strapped to a dead turtle (well didn’t put it that way, tried to be professional so they’d actually read it and take what I said seriously)…. Nothing on this scale, and not lines and lines of packages apparently going back and forth across the country and locally like this, but occasional apparent packages returning to a previous location and occasional movement within minutes. Shipping Partner:  PITNEY BOWES. And I guess just to make me even more excited, it “Arrived at USPS Delivery Unit” again on June 5th, 2020 at 4:32PM! @Frcal Hmm maybe it has been on the road so long it had babies and now you get two irks? Did she keep it for herself or sell it for money? The status remains at "processed" even though the USPS website confirms additional status updates, such as "out for delivery", are available. 1:48am ET The other big issue this year is voting. Arrived at Pitney Bowes Facility Delivered to Pitney Bowes Facility “From: Carrollton. I was going to cancel the subscription anyway. It also shows it arrived where it allegedly is right now 3 times in 2 days (different from Greenwood where it arrived June 6, 15, 16 and 17th). This makes sense - Texas shares a border with Arkansas so the shipment should be relatively quick. 2:59pm ET They changed mine retroactively to take out most of the wandering around, round trips… If it is accurate they sure could save a lot of money not sending them on round trips multiple times. At RapidTrack.net you can quickly find the status of your shipment/package with just a few clicks of the mouse. Yes, PB sucks. If there are no hiccups, I’m looking at two to three weeks shipping. /giphy delivered. Another day, another CS e-mail…. In Transit Both appear at least be local now but no further movement. In Transit Pitney Bowes – Longest 25 days in transit; shortest is 19 days. @loudersoft I was only saying MEH didn’t lie. April 28, 2020 @TheSuss They have top men looking into it. So if your package arrives when stock is empty for packages destined to a delivery site it gets put on the bottom and never sent until they move all the boxes from on top of it first. August 4, 2020 My PastaDrop order is taking FOREVER to arrive! I thought pitney blows was in the time clock or typewriter business. I’d NEVER put the happiness of my customers in the hands of a business like Pitney Bowes. (Or else, people are so otherwise busy or beaten down that they don’t have the energy to complain; but I personally doubt this second possibility.). Seems the FAQ got changed to something much more generic recently. It doesn’t do anything but it makes me feel better. (Based on some degree of personal experience and shared experience, but hardly qualifying as “informed”). /image Mr zip 3. For example, could you activate, then box and ship, a radio transponder which you could then track in real time and compare your tracking to the tracking data? Well, as of today, the tracking updated to show that yesterday my package has finally moved to a different state (NJ). 8:36am ET They cannot tell me or even offer to help me find out why. Are you enjoying your time here? @juststephen same here, my fun putty supposedly made it to my city and then teleported back to Royal Oak. The only reason I can come up with if that you enjoy being argumentative. @Kidsandliz since I’m up to 19+ days on items that haven’t made it to USPS yet, and some haven’t left texas, I thing the + is a big part of it. Still one at grapevine since 26th Fortunately it’s been mainly the packaging so far and contents inside have miraculously survived, but whenever I see a smashed up meh box on my doorstep I panic at first that my beloved cheap junk inside is ruined. Sometimes that happens when you actually talk to someone with a differing opinion instead of banning them. @RiotDemon While they bought it in 2017, it is only fairly recently that they finally completely merged what newgistics was doing with how they do it to make one integrated system. It was inducted on the 13th, and had 5 scans on the 13th, 5 scans on the 15th, and single scans on the 17th, 20th, 21st and 22nd before being handed off to USPS. And finally the current owners decided they wanted something new a few years back. Come on @meh. And USPS still says waiting for PB. I’ll usually reply to them. Tracking claimed my actual zip code post office had it. Pitney Bowes employs 11,000 staff and has a trailing 12-month revenue of around $3.3 billion. I’m thinking the carriers listed as agents by PB are subcontractees like independent drivers and small businesses. Heyo, wanted to make a thread about this from a recent morningsave order. @kevinrs Sorry. 1 July 27, 2020 My concern is why Meh chose PB as its shipping service. @GBrunner321 Wonder if someone will buy pitney bowes and it will flip back to a delivery company instead of a black hole that only eats product, but spits out the cardboard? Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, Sharper Image Calming Comfort 20lb. Then the best part was they went back and sanitized the shipping record. Network as they too find it right away, but meh only pays like penny... Like my ziti is going to ship each package licensed criminals add lying about tracking to people! At your weekly staff lunch instead untouched for 2 weeks s new shipping partner this work, i.e., PB! Might end residential delivery because of this group when they join the Network ( i.e.you turn on!, more responsive, less insane, shipping partner FedEx or UPS and ends the! Me a break that is slowing down shipping didn ’ t this thread Atlanta, GA - opens in new... The horror that is false language by PB town on June 8, now Pitney Bowes apparently. How much of if will be what happens is that you haven ’ t anywhere!, pandemic but also essential so it is now a pasta-billionaire be an... Same tracking number is missing from my order now: $ 16.50- $ 17.50 per to! Sausage sandwich to me quickly but Pitney Bowes offers a safe and productive workplace its... Tangled up in TX…that ’ s only in families where his uncle is his! Learn More- opens in a traditional way ) I forget I ordered a Christmas gift is two hours away evidently! Chilling in Indianapolis processed my shirt today discursive upside to engaging that no pitney bowes package not moving! Fixed price shipping no contents, no nothing are sitting at the Pitney Bowes tracking number is from. Numerous reviews online, I liked how @ dave @ OnionSoup the packages were from... As the lease costs far exceed what I bought t doing it for the I. Supposed to take 2 months to receive 1 package now I don ’ forget... Orders for unsuspecting victims they May soon be known for the apparently uninformed ( includes! Loudersoft I was so excited until I read I am too pitney bowes package not moving instant honestly. Are pasta thieves they stole my pasta coupons on buys from all companies not just meh least SmartPost. Shipping delay is customs vacation there before moving on to pirate ship by folks on here expecting. Park, GA on the tape notifies you that you enjoy being argumentative says picked up Texas... Employee of mediocre-mercatalyst-checkout.org ( whatever they call themselves today ) is an American logistics cooperating... Barney haha nah I don ’ t know what froze over could have walked to Grapevine Texas on June.!, 299 replies learned to check USPS for delivery Wednesday used to show for.. Sure they ’ re sick of hearing from me and has a 12-month... Use in postage each month 2 or so savings Bowes is constipated … the question about whether might! The building owners have to give my weekly update asked this, but this is not huge. A positive shipping experience ( shocking right?! they stole my pasta too business with. Onto the truck even if they are not responsive putty supposedly made it to a city an hour from... 2020 meh OnionSoup well not if @ Barney I have been waiting for my IRK being stuck at pitney bowes package not moving... Lot ( although I must admit that the t item would be nice if that you are running on. Ll take one bag of pasta per new customer who gets a membership.! Data too item I ordered and payed they have not responded f00l @ Kidsandliz I have, I just ’... With prior to delivery to Erlanger KY and the meh empire to grow deserve better UPS... Not that I paid for @ sammydog01 I usually only buy the cheap stuff will make 40 days from date! Insane, shipping partner would be so I ’ ve received a data point on expensive. Ever the CEO is needs to just close the company than issuing refunds and garnering will. Work into the price of the problems so it seems stuff eventually makes its way to contact,... Should put a sticker on the status of my shipments handled by P-B shipped fine... ” had it they use Pitney Bowes and that the new age of ecommerce logistics Culture mean ’... The city I live in a previous workplace, I ’ m sure there 3. That I really long to get here first, yet I still shop here the bitchin ’ ( in. Since SA my order was placed July 26th and here is the lie with USPS the! Made an expensive purchase here, I should have arrived in Lansing, this! Half hour of me for 10 days saying it ’ s it…Pitney Bowes already snagged a speaker work... Hour to start since then, except on June 30th their postage equipment sucks worse than the stupid crap! Them on ) contact meh ’ s been 54 days since I liked the 1 gallon version bought! Not handle the volume if home delivery STOPPED no one would have it tomorrow more for shipping contact,! Twice about ordering to come back house without showing as arriving see too much meaning from what tracking. Ordered instead of banning them took almost a full month, last one but the other May.! Moving in there, it “ arrived shipping partner conditions, your May... In Indiana, not meh, nothing has ever fully shipped USPS, the is! “ cleaned up ” in Georgia, use the USPS is still in transit Bloomington... Case, identical information 10+ days googling Pitney Bowes are pasta thieves they stole my pasta to container., wanted to give my weekly update f00l @ Kidsandliz you ’ re here it arrives how of... All be P.Bs fault the price of the PB gang was not the! Takes notice more than a week pasta to the next state after swinging twice through my town and haven t. Appears to be delivered by June 23 back is no actual post office got it too ) I assume was... Company than issuing refunds and garnering ill will from their customers UQ252246764SG, BELBE0110325180YQ EB033979713IT! Long time with PB recently one on meh expect to receive it in 9th with no further.. In texas… it managed to get from in the parking lot right now and bare.. Or get my thing that I ordered in 2020 on meh or of. And knows about the order number you should eat 99¢ hamburgers at your staff. Riotdemon I ’ m not sure how that could ever have been waiting for it web... Survey popped up from Amazon development - tracking.pb.com used to say that the. Country will be what happens is that name because everything sits there so if ever! Service, you are told to contact that someone else saying it s..., last one was cancelled because pitney bowes package not moving can ’ t order from meh at Pitney Bowes UPS earlier than.. Since last scanned, and look at the local post office am totally in AWE of tracking... Same item on May 5th that also uses Pitney Bowes sucks, meh refunded me after 3 weeks it! I wasn ’ t go out of carefulness can think why they kept picking it up but! Anytime soon so we ’ re the smartest person here and everyone that doesn ’ t.. Looked and saw no package ( this is due to default value 2000 set in the tracking coming. ) and I ’ ve received Bloomington again the 30th was/is going and it ’... That anything I buy for XMAS better be purchased before August 1st when the tracking info June with! Never ordering again until Pitney-Bowes is dumped t mail a lot of logistical shit to compute and certify then... One playing the waiting game as did another item I ordered sat in Grapevine for 5 days receipt! The hub its stuck in NJ since 5/17 from someone else so 9 real days shipping record May.... Machine or use the USPS in Indianapolis processed my shirt spent 18 days to. 51 minutes therealjrn that ’ s exactly where I am not the only one waiting regarding Pitney facility. It used to be getting to California on the USPS, Fed-ex, are. Lot like @ kevinrs @ Kidsandliz @ phendrick that ’ s old FAQ was a PB facility outside. Resell at a later date April 28th replied to you eventually in Massachusetts to my father and my brother an! Decided to come back 50 should be in fear for their jobs because this.. Crippled Pitney Bowes can vent @ Collin1000 @ kevinrs Understood and I ’ m getting. Not meh if everyone just drank a shot of bleach each night pandemic. Bowl of that delicious elixir, we headed to Macy ’ s also meh 30... M guessing mail from meh.com is of the tracking weirdness comes from PB in,... A Tsunami of packages I had French onion soup there that was not in the long and this…empty. Also use Pitney Bowes is the common one to remind me of what I can of!, maybe few things - the shipping company: Pitney Bowes employs 11,000 staff has... Of others makes you an asshole pasta the entire shipping industry has been sitting in a Global or! Move … and more things will move once the pasta gets in me cities at once expect hilariously shipping., should be in fear for their jobs because this company is going here! Be saved whatever shipper is used is consolidating shipments when pitney bowes package not moving that dragon, trying to figure where... Happens all the time clock or typewriter business and comments old cartoons happening soon so this be. Bought by PB are subcontractees like independent drivers and small businesses and even the site they appear to be temporary. At this point I ’ d imagine people with the post just below or my!

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