The Simple, Secret Recipe To Overcoming the 3 Things Keeping You From Your Ideal Weight

In This Short Article, I'll Share the ONE THING You Can Change Right Now to Drastically Change Your Relationship with Your Weight ... AND Your Relationship with God

I get it. You care about your health, but frankly... you're at a loss as to what to do. 

You've tried the shakes and the food containers, the hardcore exercise DVDs and all the fancy equipment. 

You've maybe even joined that new gym down the street... and the keytag is unused after the first 12 days.

Here's the thing: The "miracle" to seeing long-term results is NOT yet another crash diet or magical plan.

The "Secret" To Getting in Shape Has Nothing to Do With Avoiding Certain Foods or Doing Specific Exercises...

You've been lied to for a long, long time when it comes to losing weight...

The media and so-called "experts" who NEVER experienced being overweight are "preaching" you must AVOID certain foods or do complicated exercises in order to lose weight...

The truth is I've lost 115 pounds and kept it off for over 16 years now...
And my mom lost 66 pounds ...

And my Dad lost 67 pounds...

And I've had several clients crush Transformation Contests and win thousands of dollars....

Plus, thousands of men and women change their lives...

WITHOUT avoiding ANY certain foods or being a slave to exercise

Ask Yourself This...

What if I changed my approach starting today, and at this point I stay consistent with what I already know?

Seriously, what if I found a way to stay consistent, but with a twist...

... and I fed myself the #1 motivational book in the world?

What would happen over the next 7, 14, or even 30 days and beyond?

How would you feel?

How would you look?

WITHOUT having to download another PDF or eat out of multi-colored meal containers... ever again?

And what if that same program also helped you get motivated, recharged, and refilled... so not only your body is healthier... but your soul is calmer, more focused, and more at peace than ever before?

Without destroying joints?

Now before you "roll your eyes" at my consistency "theory", you'll see it's not a "theory" at all... 

Scientific Studies Prove This "Magic Pill" Is Really Magic...

A study published in the journal Obesity followed 183 individuals who were overweight or obese. They enrolled in a year-long weight loss program that included increasing consistent physical activity. 

Participants attended weekly meetings in which they were weighed, and then returned for a final weigh-in two years after the start of the program.

The study found those that had consistency VS aggressive diets and exercise programs had more success

In fact, Nina Crowley, PHD, said, "People who follow strict dietary 'rules' and 'restraints' and have an 'all or nothing' mentality towards eating and food might lose weight faster, but we know that 'crash dieting' usually leads to periods of overeating and weight regain," she told CBS News. "This study supports that a small behavior change that can be maintained is better than drastic changes that are short-lived."

Not Only Can 15 Minutes of the Right Exercises, with the Right Amount of Reps at the Right Intensity Reduce Appetite and Cravings...

... It Will Affect the Rest of Your Life in a BIG, BIG Way

As you get older, exercise becomes even more vital to help combat brain aging and memory loss, reduce the risk of heart disease, and reduce your risk of early death.

In a study presented at a EuroPrevent 2016 meeting, French researchers studied a group of 1,011 people who followed 65 year olds for 12 years. They also looked at another large group of 122,417 people who were around 60 years old and were followed for around 10 years.

The Study Authors Found That the Risk of Death Lowered During the Study as People Exercised Consistently. 

Even people with low physical activity levels, half the recommended amount, had around a 22% lower risk of death compared to inactive people. The researchers say that amount of exercise was just 15 minutes.

So the Truth is You Don't Need an Hour - or Even Half an Hour - a Day to Lose Weight or Get Into Great Shape 

A study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that 15 minutes of resistance training was just as effective at boosting participants’ metabolism as 35 minutes. 

Another study found that women had a better chance of sticking to a plan if they only had to commit to 15-minute sessions. 

Oh Yeah, and Just 15 Minutes of Exercise Forces Your Body to Burn More Of Your Favorite Carbs, Too... 

One study in the journal BMC Endocrine Disorders found that 15-minute sessions improved the insulin sensitivity of overweight participants by 23%. 

Improved insulin sensitivity translates to an increased ability to break down fat and lowers the risk of diabetes, cancer, and thyroid problems, too, so this is definitely a scientific finding worth celebrating, right?

Plus, the American Diabetes Association observed that insulin action is greater in physically active than sedentary individuals. 

So that means you'll experience greater insulin sensitivity, no matter what shape you're in. 

So What Are the Right Exercises in the Right Order to Get Even Faster Results?

The formula is simple... 
Have a combination of cardio movements "sprinkled in" at the right times to improve blood flow and allow your body to break down fat while your muscles are being worked.
Use strength movements with a certain number of reps (this strategically changes from workout to workout) so your body has to burn more calories to return to homeostasis (the "sciency" word for normal), along with active recovery exercises.
Use a combination of active recovery and straight rest periods so you burn fat, even when you're perfectly still.
As long as these exercises are in the right order and with the right intensity, you'll burn body fat nearly 24/7 with just 15 minutes of exercise. 

It's how I've designed programs for nearly a decade and I show you how...
 Introducing Sets and Scripture, a Radical NEW Approach to Combining Excerpts from the #1 Motivational Book on Earth and a 15-Minute Exercise Program Delivered to Your Inbox
This radically simple yet effective Coaching System will work for you, EVEN IF:
  • You're a beginner
  • You don't have any equipment
  • You're concerned about your joints
To save your time, and mine, let me be up front and tell you what Sets and Scripture is NOT, before I tell you what it is...

I've analyzed over 1,000 survey results and studied dozens of motivational experts... researched hundreds of real-world Weight Loss success stories, all to come up with this unbelievably effective System...

... and you won't be downloading anything to collect virtual dust.

The success patterns I studied and successfully duplicated give YOU the freedom to create MASSIVE momentum and destroy being overwhelmed...

... allowing you to achieve results in the mirror, but more importantly, personally, too- quicker and far easier than you've ever dreamed possible.

Now Before You Read Any Further, I Need to Come Clean

If you're looking for yet another quick fix...

Something you ALREADY KNOW will never, ever work for you in the long run?

Then do us both a favor and just forget all about Sets and Scripture, because it's not going to give you 'impossible' results, just SOLID results...

This is for men and women who are ready to stop looking for expert "miracles" and... 

FINALLY Discovering Consistency with an Untapped, Unlimited, and REAL Motivation Miracle Resource That's Been Around for Over 2,000 Years 

When was the last time you dropped 20 pounds after reading a motivational quote?

Maybe you're seeing what I'm seeing on social media. Everyone seems to be a life coach - including the 24-year old giving "life" advice without a job and living with his parents in the basement.

Then all you see is random quotes from celebrities about mindset and the usual mantras...

"Keep going!" or...

"Persistence pays off" or my personal favorite...

"You gotta' want it bad enough!" with a woman in a sports bra chugging some kind of mysterious green super foods smoothie, making you feel guilty reading that quote while chugging M & M's.

The reason why this REAL motivational resource isn't shared is because it's so controversial. It's too risky. 

It's so powerful, it scares people because it reveals your flaws (even though it also shows how to overcome them). 

What am I talking about?
In short, there are no easy answers but Sets and Scripture makes getting in shape as EASY as it gets.

So, if you're ready for the REAL TRUTH behind what it takes to succeed for life in losing fat and staying motivated at the same time... 
Frankly, FAITH was the foundation of my transformation

That's why I call this new program, "Sets & Scripture". 

Every day, Monday through Saturday, I'll send you a handpicked devotion from amazing speakers, authors, pastors, and more that helped me transform my mind while transforming my weight.
Quotes you can get from the internet. Promises you can get from His Word. That's the biggest difference with this program.

In fact, we just rolled out a 5-Day series called, "Food is Not the Enemy"

Real transformation secrets that have nothing to do with complicated meal plans or exercise programs lie inside your daily devotion with Sets and Scripture.

Think about this - some of the best athletes in the world credit this book for their success...

“I’d like to thank God for changing my life.” 
Kevin Durant, NBA Player

“The secret of my success over the 400 meters is that I run the first 200 meters as hard as I can. Then, for the second 200 meters, with God’s help, I run harder.” 
- Eric Liddell, Olympic Athlete

“I had to constantly remind myself, ‘When I am weak, He is strong,” Jones told the Gospel Herald in 2015 while paraphrasing 2 Corinthians 12:10. “I’m really telling myself, ‘I can’t do this in my own strength.’ Even the Word says it’s not by your strength, it’s by God.”
- Lolo Jones, Olympic Athlete


Here's What You Can Expect... 

You'll be shocked at how SIMPLE this system works.

You won't be downloading anything.

Sets and Scripture is a delivery system directly to your inbox that sends you the unique combination of motivating scripture and a detailed, rep-by-rep exercise plan that takes ONLY 15 minutes....

...yet allows you to burn fat for 36 hours due to the order of exercises and exercise structure...


More importantly, you'll also get motivational scripture and devotions built from God's Word, arguably, the #1 motivation book on Earth.

And that gives you the freedom to experience hope and perseverance as you pursue the best shape of your life and achieve your ideal weight.


Nothing to download or any PDFs that sit in your computer taking up more virtual space and collecting dust...

You'll have 24/7 access to your own coaching vault (and access to me), along with your daily devotion (Monday - Saturday). 

And if you think you can easily ignore this invaluable coaching vault or the emails, I have you covered. More on that in a minute...

And because the "afterburn" of the exercise programs I design with my 15+ years of experience, you'll be burning fat nearly 24 hours a day.

Now, you may be thinking, "I bet any program that can give me all of THAT would cost a pretty penny"...

And you'd be correct. Well, at least it SHOULD cost a pretty penny...

Sure, that makes perfect sense, as Sets and Scripture is worth investing in and it SHOULD cost more than it does.

I'll get to the price shortly, and you'll be pleasantly surprised...

Now to create a new exercise program is $297 a month...

...and to meet with a personal trainer who simply "wings it" when it comes to exercise programming is around $60 a session.

So meeting with a trainer 3 days a week would cost you at least $720 a month...

And how many of those Fitness DVDs do you have around sitting and collecting dust bunnies? At $20 to $50 a pop, those add up.

And how many months have you had an unused gym membership? 

At $20 - $50 a month, you're spending a lot of money for a keytag. 

Let's do some math...

Personal trainer ($60/hour) + Food-based membership ($100/month) = Over $800/month.

Now you can see why Sets and Scripture would be a steal at just $197 a month...

Of course, you could continue on the road you've been traveling... struggling to lose the weight... 

... feeling a bit disconnected from God...

... perhaps even a little frustrated that everything you've tried to lose weight and strengthen your relationship with God hasn't worked the way you want.

And you're looking for the "magic program" that will solve those problems for you (which is stressful trying to find.)

That's not the life I desire for you. 

I want your decision EASY - the EASIEST in all of 2020. Sound like a plan?

I have a dream of seeing EVERYONE experience God's Word in this unique way...

Even though you'll experience more energy and lose weight without being a slave to the gym, I'm MORE excited about sharing the scripture and devotions.

The truth is, it doesn't feel like there's a lot of HOPE in the world today. We're all struggling to muddle through, hoping that next week... next month... next year will be better.

It's easy to get mired down in all the bad news that we hear every single day. 24-hour news cycles that show us everything that's wrong with the world.

Let's turn our focus to the GOOD news. Let's purposefully put hope back into the forefront - so that we can go and live the example that God wants for us every single day...

This program allows me to share this hope in a NEW way.

I want you to join our cause, and I refuse to let finances stop you. 

That means you will not be paying $197/month for Sets and Scripture today...

Not even close.

Cut that price in half... and you're STILL not close.

It's not even $97...

Your Investment:
Just $27

Now remember: You're not JUST getting an incredible discount today...

You'll be joining our mission to share God's Word in a NEW way, blending health, scripture, and personal growth...

And you'll even make some wonderful new friends along the way - like-minded folks like you who are dedicated to achieving personal AND physical success...

Click on the button below and lock in your discounted price today...

Within literally a few minutes, you'll have your first Sets and Scripture program sitting in your inbox...

Nothing to download... It's That Simple!
Now Just In Case You're on the Fence... 
Today, You're Getting a FREE Upgrade!
Get Your Very Own Sets and Scripture Coaching Portal Where You'll Have Access to Dozens More of Specialized Exercise Routines, Mobility & Flexibility Routines, Menus and Recipes, On-Demand Workshops, Accountability, Habit Tracking, and More!
  • ​Don't have much time? These 15-minute "express" workouts use the power of density so you can burn fat like you've crushed 90 minutes at the gym
  • Every routine comes with ZERO-equipment options
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​The same transformation routines I put my transformation contest winners through to lose up to 34lbs in 12 weeks (and thousands of dollars) without being a slave to ANY diet - in around 90 minutes a week!
  • ​Every routine comes with ZERO-equipment options
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​A brand NEW workout, 3 days a week
  • ​Using the "minimalist" approach, with 6 exercises or less so you can spend more time burning fat and not waste your time learning 20 different exercises
  • ​Every routine comes with ZERO-equipment options
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​These finishers take 10 minutes or less and studies have PROVEN they are more effective than 45 minutes of traditional cardio!
  • ​"Tag" them at the end of your favorite workout or do them on your off day to encourage faster fat loss
  • ​Bizarre and fun rep and set schemes to create a rapid fat-burning environment in your body
  • Every routine comes with ZERO-equipment options
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​A strategic, progressive system with 3 powerful weapons to burn more fat nearly 24/7: Metabolic Resistance Training, Metabolic Conditioning, and Metabolic Finishers
  • ​The best 4-day/week exercise plan to burn fat and firm up trouble spots, while spiking your metabolism including Metabolic Chaos 2.0 AND 3.0!
  • ​Every routine comes with ZERO-equipment options
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​You'll NEVER get bored working out again with these fun challenges
  • ​Includes the Braveheart Bodyweight Challenge and the infamous Metabolic Gobble 
  • ​Perfect for after an over-indulgent weekend or holiday
  • ​Every routine comes with ZERO-equipment options
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​Hit play inside your portal or even in your app, then burn fat as I coach you with every single rep!
  • ​Includes giant circuits, ladders, density circuits, and more to bust through any plateau and supercharge weight loss
  • ​The perfect blend of creativity and science to make these effective and fun
  • Direct Abs follow-along routines, too
  • ​Every routine comes with ZERO-equipment options
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​Did you know you burn nearly 20 calories a minute using kettlebells?
  • ​You'll get access to the fat-burning inferno "Swing Challenge", complexes, and bodyweight/kettlebell hybrids and more to melt even the most stubborn fat
  • ​Expect to take your ability to take the stairs, walk, run, etc. to a whole new level without feeling tired - kettlebells ramp up your endurance AND metabolism
  • ​Customized to your fitness level
  • ​Imagine moving around easier and with less discomfort so you can burn more calories from your workouts and become more mobile
  • ​Includes the "Feel Better in 4" series where you'll instantly feel better in just 4 moves
  • ​Foam rolling, mobility routines, and follow-along stretching so you slow down aging and move around easier
And You'll Get Access to the #1 Secret to Long-Lasting Success...
You'll be part of our family... 

We have an incredible community where I have weekly accountability check-ins, exclusive content, bonus recipes, challenges, and more. 

The real magic is behind the weekly accountability check-ins. Studies have proven to us over and over the power of accountability brings faster, sustainable results.

This is the place where you'll be encouraged and soak in the motivation to keep you going. Just take a look at some of the praises we've gotten inside this group...
Exercise demonstrations and follow-along videos at the push of a button!
Get access to all of this PLUS our "on-demand" workshops including goal-setting, intermittent fasting and how to customize your own intermittent fasting plan, 120 fast and healthy recipes with breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, and snacks, access to Master Trainer Mike Whitfield and Nutrition Expert Sabrina Whitfield, and more!

AND... we'll even show you exactly where to start based on your goals, time commitment, equipment you have available, and fitness level. We're talking EVERY little detail!

12-Month Access

 Only $19.75/MONTH
One-time investment of $237
PLUS, You'll Get Your Very Own Coaching App...
  • Take the app wherever you go so you won't miss a beat, stay on track, and stay motivated
  • Access your schedule, ALL the fat-burning specialized exercise programs, on-demand workshops, 120+ recipes, and more all inside the app!
  • See an exercise in action with a push of a button (NO searching required)
  •  Get EVERYTHING you see above all inside your personalized app
  •  Record your reps and sets so you can see yourself getting stronger and leaner
  •  Track your food in just seconds
  •  Available with IOS and Android
Integrates With:
AND... You'll Eliminate Overwhelm and Have a Crystal Clear Path to Lose 20+ Pounds and KEEP It Off
Get a Tailored Exercise Program
  • What exercises are best for YOU and the exact routines you should follow for YOUR goals
  • ​How to burn MORE fat with ANY exercise program that most trainers don't even know
  • How to leverage the power of "metabolic stacking" so you can diet less and still lose weight
  • ​My powerful progression formula so you lose fat faster than traditional exercise
A Doable, Customized 
Nutrition Plan
  • You'll discover why meal plans don't work (and what to do with them instead)
  • ​Forget Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, and other "fads" that work (maybe) for 1-2 weeks and then you put the weight back on - this method is guaranteed to help you lose it and keep it off for life
  • ​You'll discover the perfect, tailored plan just for you - in fact it's so customized, your plan is guaranteed to look different than anyone else's!
  • ​This workshop is about 25 minutes, and yet it will be 25 minutes that will change your life on how you look at food (and how to NOT feel guilty for indulging)!
Bad Sleep and Stress Ends NOW
  • In this powerful workshop, you'll discover a customized morning and night routine to have better QUALITY sleep and a productive day with all-day energy
  • ​The 5-minute stress-reducing exercise you can do in your church clothes without breaking a sweat (and studies have proven this drastically reduces stress)
  • ​Studies have shown that lack of quality sleep can sabotage your weight loss and even encourage fat STORAGE - in this workshop, you'll have a plan of attack to get more quality sleep and have more energy
This coaching program uses the same hacks as my transformation clients who have lost as much as 67 pounds in 5 months and multiple winners winning thousands of dollars in transformation contest money (even with thousands of people voting)... yours FREE when you join our family!
It's Like Having a Coach with You 24/7...
Your Own Coaching Portal and Scheduler
  • Exercise on YOUR schedule
  •  Built-in accountability with check-ins
  •  Use for both fitness and non-related fitness to organize your life so you're not so overwhelmed
The Power of Assessments
"If something is not assessed, it cannot be changed."
  • How often and when to do a 10-minute assessment
  •  Built-in reminders in your coaching portal and in the app so you stay consistent and measure progress
  •  Step-by-step  details on the things that matter most when doing a self-assessment so you don't waste your time
  • Optional food diary - be as detailed as you'd like. You can even take a quick pic of what you eat with your phone !
  •  Compare before/after photos in seconds, giving you motivation to stay focused
  •  Track your habits in about 3 seconds a day - the easiest way to create "success momentum"
  •  Built-in accountability (the numbers don't lie!)
  •  Record your sets and reps so you can see yourself getting stronger and leaner using my metabolic stacking formula
  • New programs, announcements, and updates sent directly to your coaching portal and app
  •  Daily inspiration and motivation from me as your coach (more on that below)
And This Controversial, but POWERFUL Daily Bonus...
Monday through Saturday,  you'll get a short, but powerful devotion with scripture to go with it.


My transformation wasn't based on food, exercise, and sleep alone...

Frankly, FAITH was the foundation of my transformation. 

Again - that's why I call this new program, "Sets & Scripture".  

You'll have access to hundreds of metabolic stacking routines PLUS  a powerful daily devotion (Mon-Sat) that you can immediately apply to your life during your journey.

So you get your sets and your scripture :)

I look forward to seeing you inside...
Mike Whitfield
Author of Rise and Hustle
Master Trainer
Loser of 115lbs and Trainer of the Year

12-Month Access

 Only $19.75/MONTH
One-time investment of $237
More On What People Are Saying About the NEW Sets & Scripture...
I like the accessibility of an app as you can access it anywhere. I love seeing the scripture posts as they lift you up when you are down. And having exercise programs at your finger tips make it easy to exercise anywhere with the beginner to advanced options. This program gives you what you need to get over a plateau. Do it! It has it all to make your mind and body better! 
- Anne Schmidt
I didn’t always have the drive to get up and workout. That changed with this program. I love the inspiring words Mikey gives us each day from the scriptures. I love how easy it is to just get going. Sometimes I turn on my scripture reading app while I work out! I hear more of God’s word every day. I am stronger, both physically and spiritually. In my family, we are also reading the scriptures together and I have gotten my kids involved in working out! 
- Michaela Otteman
I was disorganized and not being able to achieve anytyhing. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Like they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and that's exactly what I was doing until I joined sets and scripture. I started to see results and those results are LASTING
- Kate Valentine
I was always trying to find programs that worked for me and had no motivation to exercise. Sets and Scripture allowed me to get back into it again and not having to think what I'm going to do next. I love the variety of programs.
- Ian Davies
I was looking everywhere to make lifestyle changes. Sets and Scripture gave me everything I needed all in one place with easy access. It's now easier than ever to maintain an exercise program. There's also a great community supporting you to help you with your lifestyle changes. I also love the spiritual support.
- Donna Gates
Before Sets and Scripture, I was lugging around a huge 3-ring binder. This NEW way of following an exercise program is much easier to access and now I'm more consistent with my workouts and I can easily see my progress. I love the on-the-go access and everything is at the touch of a finger.
- Jamie Smith
I got tired of jumping from one program to another without seeing any noticeable results. With Sets and Scripture, I can train from the comfort of my house, following minimalist programs and being able to measure my progress. I now am more focused on my training, without the fluff and confusion given by info overload. Mike is very dedicated to provide excellent content that works, in a simple and minimalist way that I really love. The accountability is a plus and I like the added daily scripture.
- Allesandro Berto
Before joining Sets and Scripture, I was tired, overweight, and irritable. Since joining, I've lost 20 lbs of fat, less tired and irritable all the time. I can play more with my granddaughter. Plus I feel better, am more consistent, and I'm more active. 
- Bobby White

12-Month Access

 Only $19.75/MONTH
One-time investment of $237
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